Our Council

The North East Arts Council was formed in 1989 to encourage and stimulate an appreciation of the arts in the community of North East, Pennsylvania. By making artistic and culturally enriching activities available as part of the welcoming environment, we hope to enhance the already significant quality of life in this vibrant community.

North East nestles amidst thousands of acres of grape vineyards and fruit orchards n the easternmost corner border of Pennsylvania where it joins New York along Lake Erie. It is home to more than a half dozen wineries and farmers’ markets, several fruit processing plants and a campus of Mercyhurst College.

For more than 20 years, the North East Arts Council has presented artistic and cultural programs throughout the year to engage its members, area artists and the public who live nearby or visit the region as part of the lake shore tourism.

Activities range from a weekly summer “Picnic in the Park” featuring entertainment and children’s crafts to sponsoring a local theater group; creating gallery nights featuring regional artists to a monthly art club for children and classes for experienced or inexperienced artists.